Getting Serious

Today’s meditation theme was seriousness, and this morning was a break-through moment in awareness.

I came to understand the recent purging which I’ve been through. It’s a removal of doubt, a willingness to fully trust myself and to commit myself completely to the path that lies ahead.

Seriousness, I have discovered, has a very bad reputation. It’s called “the last refuge of the shallow” and is said to be “no more a guarantee of truth, insight, authenticity, or probity than humor is a guarantee of superficiality and stupidity.”

Yet there is a sensation of awareness that goes beyond seriousness. It comes from belief, from absolute trust and confidence. Remove all doubt from within yourself. These were the words Ma’at spoke this morning.

Learning of the mysteries comes not from following external sources and seeking for wisdom outside. The true mystery is found within when we are ready to trust.


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