No More Lukewarm Living!

Today’s meditation theme was lukewarm, and what resulted was more chaos and confusion in my head.

lukewarmHaving been through a recent illness, I’ve spent weeks with a bland, tepid diet. I have been living a lukewarm life, and I haven’t been enjoying it at all. The steady diet of bland, tasteless food only seemed to make my sickness worse. I lost all appetitie — and quite a bit of weight, as well.

It was only when I finally began to crave real food that I sensed I was on the road to recovery. I had a “Big Mac” attack. Oh, yes! It was every bit as good as I’d imagined it would be. I suddenly craved a real Coca-Cola, something I hadn’t tasted in years. Drinking one was strange and the first few swallows were hard to get done, but I did find true delight in downing an ice-cold cola.

These things are bad for me, right? Yet they seemed to be key in helping me past the sickness. Ma’at was asking me to be purified, so why was my body disobediently begging for junk?

I’m pondering these questions today, both through my meditation this morning and as a waking study. In all truth, I don’t want to live a bland, tepid, lukewarm life. I don’t believe this is what Ma’at — or any god or goddess — would ask of us.

Quite the contrary. Although we may be taught the importance of being centered and balanced, we can never achieve that aim. Life itself is always a process of homeostasisthat is, a process of movement. It isn’t the goal but the process that keeps us alive, vibrant, active, and in harmony with the world around us.

It’s the act of dancing, my spiritual dance with Ma’at. I’m not to remain rigid and unmoving, for there is neither grace nor beauty in that. Rather I am to feel the rhythm and pulse of life, to move, to sway, to step forward and back, to turn, to spin, to let the spirit itself move me.


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