Ma’at Doesn’t Mess Around

It’s been a rough few weeks since I last posted here. Today marks the first time in three weeks that I’ve been up, out of bed, and essentially “functional” again following a sudden illness.

What I’ve been through can best be described as a “purging” process, an opportunity for my body to thoroughly cleanse itself in preparation for my initiation into the mysteries. Ma’at, it seems, found many things wanting within me, things which required correction.

While I enjoyed resuming my ritual work this morning, I did find it somewhat tiring. My mind is filled still with confusion and questions. I feel my place for the moment is to put my trust in Ma’at and know that she will guide me.

Because of this prolonged illness, my initiation date has been moved back to April. It is a bit of a disappointment, but I know this is for the best. Ma’at has spoken. She has decreed that I need more time, that I have many more lessons to learn. My promise to Ma’at is that I will listen to her counsel and will follow her teachings.



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