The Need for Compassionate Acts

Today I pondered a question during my ritual activities with the goddess Ma’at. As I thought again of the scales upon which the heart is weighed, I realized that it must not tip to either side. The heart must be balanced with the feather of Ma’at.

Of course, it seemed impossible to think that a human heart could weigh less than a single feather, so I turned to Ma’at for an answer.

A weightless heart, she responded, is a heart which is empty, one which is devoid of feelings for others. A weightless heart ignores suffering, feels no compassion, and offers no service to humankind.

The Dalai Lama tells us that it is not enough to be compassionate. We must act.


Compassion is defined as,

“an emotion that is a sense of shared suffering, most often combined with a desire to alleviate or reduce the suffering of another; to show special kindness to those who suffer.”
We need compassion in the world, not only to help those in need, but also because our physiological bodies require it. Compassion is good for our brains. It stimulates our being and enriches our overall well-being. The ability to feel emotions strongly is hard-wired into us. Again, however, it isn’t enough to feel or be. We must act with compassion.
I am grateful for this message from Ma’at today, and I will strive to show more compassion to others through my actions each day.

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