Be Who You Are

This was the message I received from Ma’at today in my meditation. I focused on the concept of success — the daily prompt from yesterday morning. (New daily prompts aren’t available until after I’ve completed my meditation time.)

Daily Prompt: Successful

There was much more to the message than this simple adage, however. The goddess Ma’at reminded me that success can come in many forms, and each success arises from within ourselves. Success is determined not only by what we hope to accomplish, but by who we are and where our capabilities lie. One man’s measure of success can never serve as a yardstick for another.

Ma’at spoke the well-worn words to “be true to yourself,” and she did this in the context of religion. We must believe, she told me, but what we choose to believe will depend upon who we are. All religions hold truth, the goddess teaches. To be a true success, she explained, requires that we live according to a divine code of laws. Success requires moral standards, yet these are mutable depending upon circumstances.

So, you don’t like the idea that morality is variable? Sounds a bit like “New Age” philosophy, doesn’t it? All the same, stop for a moment and consider the many times in which right and wrong can be dependent upon different factors.

Honesty, for example, we’re told is “the best policy”, yet who hasn’t brought a smile or a bit of happiness to another through use of a “little white lie”? Is honesty always best? It depends upon the circumstances, don’t you think?

And what of those who take the life of another in times of war or in moments of self-defense? Are these killing justified, or is “Thou shalt not kill” truly an edict “set in stone”?

The important thing, Ma’at tells me, is that we believe in something, that we choose the pathway upon which we will walk, and that we remain true to the spiritual principles involved. In this way, we remain true to who we are. Before any of this can happen, though, we must first believe in ourself.

Know who you are, be who you are, and believe in yourself in all matters. Follow the divine laws of your spiritual path, and you will taste of true success.


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