May Your Heart Be Light

Today my journal begins. I performed my ritual activities earlier this morning and as so often happens when I am with Ma’at, I was moved to dance. I found myself swaying gently to the music of the spheres, listening as the goddess spoke.

My ritual activity involves visualizing the goddess as she places a ceramic heart in one of my hands and a feather in the other. My hands are to remain balanced, she tells me, because the heart must be as light as a feather. When I first received the heart and feather, my temptation was to lower the hand holding the heart. It felt heavier. Surely it must be heavier than a mere feather!


In Egyptian mythology, the after-life was known as the Field of Reeds. It was said to be a land very much like earth but without illness, suffering, unhappiness, or death. The soul spent eternity among blissful streams and pleasant groves of trees.

An inscription on an ancient Egyptian tomb – circa 1400 B.C. — reads:

“May I walk every day unceasing on the banks of the water. May my soul rest on the branches of the trees which I have planted. May I refresh myself always in the shadow of the sycamore.”

But how did one reach the Field of Reeds?


osiris-crop2One first underwent the judgment of Osiris. The departed was led to the Hall of Judgment. First, a simple prayer was recited.

“I have not learned the things which are not.”

This confession was followed by a recitation of the “42 Laws of Ma’at“. Finally, the judgment ended with the soul repeating “I am pure, I am pure.”

At this time, the soul’s heart was placed on a great golden scale and balanced against the white feather of Ma’at. This is the feather of truth and harmony.

If the heart was lighter than the feather, the soul was admitted into the Field of Reeds, If the heart proved heavier, it was thrown to the floor where it was quickly devoured by the god Amenti. The soul ceased to exist.

What does it mean to be light-hearted?

In my ritual meditation today, the goddess showed me the need for balance, and I will strive to make my heart light. But what does it truly mean to have a light heart?

My morning has been spent reading and studying this concept, and I believe it is strongly-tied to attitude. Can we face each day with all its demands upon us and remain cheerful and calm? Can we confront challenges without falling victim to unhealthy fears? When others turn against us and act unkindly, can we remain loving? Can we approach life with a spirit of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness?

Above all, we must remember that we are spiritual beings. Our earthly experiences are lessons for us to learn, yet we are far more than our mortal bodies.


In my life, I will now be attuning myself more closely to the Divine Laws of Ma’at and striving to ensure that I am following these precepts that might heart might be as light as a feather.


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