Dreaming of Cats

One of the first awarenesses I had of the presence of Ma’at in my life was that I began dreaming every night of cats. These were strong, vivid dreams, and I soon was online looking up the symbolism.

I learned that cats can represent many different things in our dreams, a lot of which is very negative. Cats are said to indicate pesky problems and annoyances and can be seen as harbingers of misfortune. I suppose this comes in part from the association of black cats with bad luck, from the natural dislike some individuals have for felines, and from our habit of referring to “cattiness” in women who gossip or disparage others.

On the other hand — or paw, perhaps — cats can symbolize the feminine spirit and an outpouring of creative energies. When a woman dreams of a cat, it may be an indication of how she views herself and her own individuality.

And what if that woman is dreaming of cats, cats, and more cats? Maybe it means I have multiple personalities running amok in my mind, and there’s probably a certain amount of truth to that. Even more, though, I can see at once that all the kittens and cats I’ve been dreaming about are representative of my creative energy and the many different “pet” projects I have going at any particular time.

Because of my love for cats of all sizes and all ages, I see nothing whatsoever negative about them in my dreams. Quite the opposite. I look forward to falling asleep and dreaming again of a house filled with cats.

Why do I associate this with the goddess Ma’at?

The dreams began after I turned my attention to Ma’at and began invoking her presence in my life. Cats were held in very high esteem in ancient Egypt, so when I asked for guidance and counsel from Ma’at and she responded by showing me the extent of my creative abilities, what better way to express that energy than through the symbolism of sacred cats?

As with so many other things, I am delighted by this spirit of Ma’at within my dream world.




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