How the Goddess Changed My Life

From the outside looking in, I suppose my life doesn’t look much different today than it did several weeks ago when I began learning about and meditating with the goddess Ma’at. I still live in the same place, still perform the same work each day, still have the same relationships with family and friends, and still struggle with problems and challenges each day.

So, what’s different? Why did I go so far as to declare “The Goddess Ma’at Changed My Life” as the “tagline” for this blog?

Change in life, as often as not, begins from the inside, with how we think, how we feel, and the attitude with which we approach each day. Sometimes these inner changes do reflect in our outer experience but many of the most valuable changes we make are ones that are not clearly visible to others.

The Goddess Ma’at has changed my outlook on my life. I find myself becoming more balanced, more practical in my thinking, more objective in the goals I set for myself and in my approach toward them. I am much more organized now, much more capable of prioritizing tasks, and much more willing to make positive choices for myself.

I am filled with more compassion and understanding, am more willing now to listen to what others have to say, and slower to pass judgment on any person or situation. I feel more open to new experiences and my creative energies are soaring.

There is a greater sense of order and well-being within me. This is reflecting throughout my home and throughout all of my life. Although the changes may seem small — or even invisible to others — they are there, they are real, and they are meaningful to me.



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