If Your Heart Is Heavy


The following is a short ritual activity to bring lightness to the heart.

Begin by closing your eyes and imagining yourself surrounded by a warm violet aura.

Visualize your heart being placed in one hand and a feather in the other.

Does your heart feel heavy?

What color represents the heaviness you feel in your heart?

Visualize this color as you repeat the following words:







Allow the heaviness to be lifted from your heart. See the color of your heart becoming clear and bright.

Think about individuals who have wronged you and offer them forgiveness. Think of unkind judgments you have made against others and release them now. Forgive yourself for any wrong-doing. Watch how your heart responds.

Through this simple magickal practice, you can remove negative emotions that are weighing you down and set your heart free from harmful judgments. This practice will give you greater feelings of compassion, clearer vision, and a light heart filled with love and understanding.



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